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In which we discuss the concepts of conflict, action and movement and their interdependency on each other…

Inner conflict that causes change is a good thing.Collapse )


Literary Styles: Realism versus Fantasia

In which we discuss two literary styles, Realism and Fantasia. (Literary style, not to be confused with style, which in reference to writing, the way a writer well, writes.)

Warning: Content is pure opinion of prettygothgirl. YMMV

Literary Styles, tools in a writer's box...Collapse )


In which we discuss the importance of capital letters and using spell check...

the shift key is your friendCollapse )


In which we discuss genres, what they are, their importance and list 35 genres with definitions and examples.

hang the code, hang the rules!Collapse )
In which we discuss warnings, what warnings are, what they cover and the arguments for and against them...

alert, alert, slow down for your own safetyCollapse )

Headers: Being on the top of things

In which we discuss, what is a header, and what does the header contain...

the fan fiction equivalent of the cover of a bookCollapse )

Emotions: Showing and Telling

In which we discuss the difficulty that is conveying emotion and how to show and tell them:

emoting can be so drainingCollapse )

Reviewing and Commenting for the Writer

In which we discuss the writers view on reviews and how to respond to them.

because how you respond tells us a lot about youCollapse )